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Payday Lending

We are Canada's only consulting firm serving the payday loan and cheque cashing industry coast to coast to coast.



Licensed by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants to serve those inside and outside Canada.

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Organize and optimize your operations to become an absent owner. Boost sales and expand your brand.

Creative Thoughts


Drive traffic to your digital storefront. Manage your sales leads in a simple to use platform. Free analytics to improve sales lead conversion.

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Expert advice for the entire business lifecycle. Start, grow or turnaround your business. Become an absent owner. Manage processes and risk.

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Venture Capital

Build, create or submit your pitch deck. Proposal pitch and angel investment. Startup and Accelerator Guidance. Board Governance.

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Preston Watson is the Founder and Managing Partner of Watson Capital & Consulting. Preston spent over a decade working for various financial institutions.​ As a serial entrepreneur, Preston has founded 20+ startups including loan companies, restaurants, technology companies, marketing firms and more.

We started our journey with a loans company based in Toronto. The business was sold for a profit. We discovered the payday loan business model was broken and archaic. We then founded an online payday loan company and sold it. Given the high barrier to entry into the loans industry in Canada we began building and selling custom turn-key payday loan and cheque cashing businesses.

While travelling overseas, it was determined that immigration services were in high demand. We researched the market, identified the scope for growth and added it to our services. We service both individuals and businesses looking to expand operations into Canada.

We found it impossible to find somebody who knew who to advertise online and could also analyze the advertising results. As a result, we co-founded a digital advertising firm that offers its clients free data analytics, so your advertising dollars go as far as possible.

We operate with a high level of transparency, integrity and expertise. We are easy to communicate with, we meet our deadlines, and we offer competitive pricing for our consultancy services.





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