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Our Founder, Preston Watson, is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and an active member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants.

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Our Immigration Story


My name is Preston Watson. Founder of Watson Immigration and an 8th generation Canadian. My family immigrated to Canada from Ireland in the late 1700's.

In 2008 I traveled to Gujarat, India on a work project. While there, I met me wife, Hema. In 2009 we got married. Shortly thereafter I prepared and submitted Hema's application for Canadian Permanent Residency. The next year, Hema joined me in Canada.

With every trip we make to India, we meet people who ask how I can help get them to Canada. With so many people asking for help it seemed logical to venture into the field of immigration. We help those seeking to either visit Canada temporarily or to immigrate permanently. If your goal is becoming a Canadian citizen, we would be honored to help.


Marrying into an Indian family I heard stories of others and their journey to becoming Canadian Citizens. We understand that starting a new life in a new country can be a challenging task. It is our mission to ensure that every client is treated with respect. We review cases diligently to provide the best possible options for each unique situation. We operate with honesty and integrity.

Our team has visited every corner of Canada. We will assist you to select the part of the country that best suits your lifestyle and provides the best opportunity to make your dream come true.

Speak with us today about your options. Canada may be closer than you think!

Study and Work Permit


New Application, Extension, Renew/Restore Status, Student Direct Stream (SDS).

Apply to study in Canada as an international student. We start with a FREE CASE ASSESSMENT to understand your current situation and learn about your immigration goals. We will let you know what options you have to study in Canada. We pair you with the most appropriate school given your field of study. We let you know where the best job opportunities are in Canada within your field. We can guide you through the entire process up to and including landing in Canada.

Already accepted to a Canadian school? Let us handle all the paperwork for you. Rush application filing available in as little as 24 hours!

If you have already received a study permit and need to extend or restore your study permit status we can help.

If you are coming to Canada to study and your spouse requires a work permit we have you covered. We can file both applications at the same time without much additional cost.

Permanent Residence


Inside & Outside Canada, TR to PR Pathway, Express Entry and more.

Whether you are in Canada or not, there are pathways available to come to Canada as a Permanent Resident. Express Entry is a pathway developed to speed up the immigration process which includes the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker and Federal Skilled Trades. Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) permits you to immigrate to Canada on the basis of a job offer in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. The Rural and Northern Canada Immigration Pilot Program (RNIP) includes smaller cities across Canada looking for new immigrants to act as a catalyst for economic growth. Finally, the Provincial Nomination Program is designed for provinces to select candidates who are skilled, educated and/or can fill an immediate or future labour shortage in the province.

Canadian Citizenship


Take the final step in your Canadian Immigration Journey by applying for Citizenship!

Once you spend a minimum of 3 years inside Canada as a Permanent Resident, you may qualify to apply for Canadian Citizenship. This marks the pinnacle of your immigration journey. The wait to be approved for citizenship is long. We submit your application as quickly as possible so you can become a Canadian Citizen as quickly as possible.

Family Sponsorship


Sponsor your children, parents, grandparents, cousins and more for Permanent Residency.

Bring your family members to Canada. If you are a Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen you may be eligible to sponsor your family. The most common form of family sponsorship is to bring your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner to Canada. Sponsor your dependent or adopted children, parents or grand parents. If you have one sole living blood relative you may be able to bring them to Canada under Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds.

Labour Market Impact Assessment


Low Wage, High Wage, LMIA to Support Permanent Residency and more.

We help employers source temporary foreign workers from outside of Canada to assist for short-term work needs, such as farming. We take care of the entire process for you.

If you are currently working in Canada and need an additional 50 points for your CRS score to qualify for Permanent Residency through the Express Entry Canadian Experience Class, talk to us about completing an LMIA for PR. We will communicate with your employer and take care of everything.

Business Visa


Come to Canada to start or buy a business, expand your current business to Canada, exploratory visit for research.

Canada does what it can to attract foreign companies, investors, executives and small business owners to come to Canada and contribute to the economic growth of the country. Come to Canada on a Work Permit supported by an LMIA to start or buy your own business. Get approved by a qualified Investment Firm to start a new company (large investment, lots of jobs created, etc). Come to Canada as Business Visitor for a conference or venture research. Expand your foreign company into the Canadian market and place a top executive in Canada to oversee the expansion.

Application Rejections


Understand why your application was rejected, let us fix the problem for you and submit again for an approval.

Cases are similar in so many ways, but they are also very different in many ways. Trust our experience and expertise to break down any barriers preventing that had been preventing you from getting your application approved. Finding our roots as a business consultancy firm, dealing with challenges and obstacles is nothing new to us. It's what we deal with every day for our clients. Review your visa rejection with us today and we will show you how we can get you approved.




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