Management & Strategy

We offer management and leadership services to all businesses big and small. Let us develop a turnaround or expansion strategy for you. Take it a step further and we can offer contract-CEO services for interim leadership, independent board directorship and equity in lieu of fees along with board directorship.

Marketing & Advertising

Let us get you noticed!

If you're not marketing your business, you may not be moving forward. Let us devise a plan to build your customer base. We develop a marketing plan through the channels that will be of the best value to your type of business. The science behind understanding consumer psychology and behavior all remains relatively the same; this is how we can apply our marketing techniques across almost every industry. We then track the results from each marketing channel and analyze the data to understand where the best value lies for your marketing dollars. Understand the actual cost to generate new customers.

Online is where your customers are. Let us channel them to you through our proprietary digital ad algorithm that brings customers right to you.

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Contract CEO Services


We ensure business continuity.

While the need to search for a new CEO may come suddenly, we are ready to step in to ensure the continuity of your business. The cost of hiring us as interim-CEO is much more affordable than searching for and paying a CEO a hefty sum for a short contract since they would prefer e longer contract. We can lead your organization anywhere from 3-12 months while offering superior leadership through regular day-to-day operations or even a turnaround or rapid phase of growth.

Board Directorship

Expert guidance when it counts the most.

We offer independent board directorship services for all types of companies to assist in maintaining the best course forward for your organization. We also offer board directorship services for an equity share or fixed fee depending on the current state of the business and the planned direction moving forward over the following 3-5 years.


Get back to where you used to be, or even higher.

In the business lifecycle it is common for businesses that have matured to see their revenues reduce. We can research to understand why your business is seeing a decline in sales. Usually, it is due to a shift in the market that you may not be aware of until it's too late. We help you understand the market shift, formulate a strategy to pivot and adapt, execute the strategy and analyze and interpret the results. We understand that time is money so we try to be as accommodating as possible with your timeline. Depending on your business you may qualify for "equity in lieu of fees" for our turnaround services.


The sky is the limit.

Your business is doing well and you're ready to expand.  We are ready to help. Executing an expansion requires a great deal of planning and positioning of your existing business or location. Expansion can come in many forms, additional corporate owned locations, partnerships or franchising. We can help you expand your business provincially or nationally.

If you're ready to franchise your business, we offer a very unique pricing structure to position and prepare your business to be franchised. We do not take half of your franchising business to expand it. We teach you how to manage the managerial components that are easy and not so time-consuming so you retain a larger percentage of the company.  The option is available to be paid on a per franchise sold basis as well.