Payday Loan & Cheque Cashing

We are Canada's ONLY payday loan consultancy. We have nearly 20 years experience with loans, credit, debt and collections. We are a one-stop shop for your payday loan and cheque cashing needs.

Online Lending


Receive more loan applications with ease.

The entire world is becoming digital faster than ever. Every industry is pivoting as quickly as they can to adapt and embrace new technologies. Consumers use their mobile devices for everything. This includes managing their banking and other credit products. While many consumers still rely on brick-and-mortar payday loan stores for their borrowing needs, there is a huge shift towards borrowing online. For many in-store borrowers, they borrow in-store then continue to "re-borrow" online. We can create a new website that delivers loan applications along with the required supporting documents directly to our inbox.

Bank Verification


More information right at your fingertips.

We use an advanced bank verification system enabling you to instantly verify a potential borrower’s banking information online and in real-time. Reduce the risk of fraud and expedite the application process for loan applicants. A great tool to gather new information on a delinquent borrower to obtain payment or enforce a court judgment.

Loan Underwriting


Invest less capital and maximize your profits.

Determining whether or not to fund an applicant's loan is critical to the success of your business. We have developed proprietary loan underwriting rules that were crafted over more than a decade. Save time and money by using our proven adjudication process.


Avoid the hassle of dealing with regulatory red tape.

If you are new to the industry let us complete the licensing process for you. If you are an existing payday loan business owner we can complete your annual renewal paperwork or file for additional provinces so you can expand your market. We are in touch with the regulatory bodies regularly and can expedite the process for you.



Conduct your payday and cheque cashing transactions stress-free.

One of the biggest challenges for any payday loan company is being able to secure the proper banking platforms to operate your business. We have developed our business network such that we can secure banking for your operating account, payday lending account and cheque cashing account. We take care of all of the compliance paperwork for you.

Loan Software


Keep track of your loan agreements like a pro, for less. No more Quickbooks or Excel!

We'll set you up with software that is simple to use and as robust as you need it to be. Created here in Canada by the founders of the Independent Payday Loan Association of Canada. Effectively manage your customer database and update information easily. Stay on top of your loans coming due and those that are overdue. Send payment reminders to your borrowers via SMS Push Notification. Set and manage customer loan limits and more. Accessible from your mobile device so you can manage your business on the go.


Audit & Operations

Avoid fines by being compliant.

A streamlined lending process is important to your customers so it should be important to you too. We have developed a low-resistance borrowing process for applicants. Fund loans in as little as 10 minutes from the time of application. Fund "re-loans" within 120 seconds.

The regulator may show up unannounced to complete a site audit to ensure compliance with the Act and Regulations. Be prepared by knowing you are compliant at all times. Some provinces require annual reports to be submitted that include specific data on your customer base and lending practices. If your software doesn't do this for you, we can do it for you and set you up with the software to make life easier for next time.

Become an Absent Owner

Enjoy the freedom of being self-employed.

One of the main perks of being self-employed is to enjoy flexibility and freedom. Do what you want when you want. Let us structure your business in a way that allows you to step away and become either a semi-absent or absent owner, without it affecting profits.

With strategic planning and training it is possible to spend less time working in your business so you can focus on other businesses, an expansion or spend more time with family and friends.

Marketing & Advertising

Customers want a loan from you, but they have to be able to find you first.

If you are not marketing your business, you may not be moving forward. Let us devise a plan to develop a steady applicant pipeline both digitally and in-person. We track the results from each marketing channel and analyze the data to understand where the best value lies for your marketing dollars. Understand the actual cost to generate a new customer.

Get Loan Applicants sent directly to you through our partner, Digital Pipeline.

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Brand Management

Branding that resonates with borrwoers.

A great deal of thought goes into cultivating a new brand. We know the payday loan customer base well and can create a brand for you that will resonate with your existing customers and attract new ones. We will create a brand that stands out against the competition and your local market. Attract customers to your store-front with branding that will get you noticed. We manage your online presence in a way that consumers will choose your company to apply over others.

Build/Buy/Sell a Payday Business

Navigate the sales process smoothly and effortlessly.

We are Canada's only payday loan industry consultancy. As a result, we've had business owners reach out to us to sell their payday loan businesses leveraging our network of operators across Canada. We take care of everything from valuing the business, driving forward the sales process through to closing the sale with our expert and trusted professional network of lawyers and accountants.

We can build a turn-key payday loan business for you, help you buy an existing business and grow it, prepare your business for sale and facilitate the sales process.