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Attributes of a Great Manager and How to Choose Your Champion

Good managers are essential for achieving success and a productive workplace. To be an effective leader, there are certain qualities a manager must possess. Here are the top 5 attributes of a good manager.

1. Strong communication skills: A good manager is able to express his or her vision, expectations and goals to their team in a clear and concise manner. They must also be able to actively listen and respond to their staff's questions and concerns.

2. Problem-solving ability: Successful managers must have an ability to be creative and think on their feet when faced with complex issues. Having a good understanding of the available resources and being able to quickly weigh the pros and cons of different solutions are important problem-solving skills.

3. Emotional intelligence: Managers must be able to read emotions, put themselves in the shoes of their team members and manage difficult conversations in a professional and understanding manner. The ability to stay calm in high-pressure situations and lead with empathy is paramount to leading a successful team.

4. Empowerment: Managers must be able to provide support to their team and trust in their staff’s abilities. This includes delegating tasks responsibly, creating opportunities for learning and growth, and recognizing successes.

5. Goal-oriented: A great manager should be able to set clear and achievable goals for their team and support them to reach their objectives. They should also be able to evaluate performance and provide feedback on a regular basis in order to continuously improve upon the work being done.

These are the top 5 attributes that every good manager should possess in order to lead their team to success. By having strong communication skills, problem-solving ability, emotional intelligence, a sense of empowerment, and being goal-oriented, a manager can set their team up for success and ensure a productive workplace.

Choosing a great leader is an important decision for any organization. Leaders set the tone for the future of any organization and need to be more than just a figurehead; they are responsible for creating a culture that optimizes the success of their staff and organization. When selecting a leader, it’s important to consider the following factors.

1. Vision: A great leader should be able to articulate a vision and strategy for the future of the organization. How well they can communicate their ideas to staff, stakeholders and customers will be key to the successful adoption of their plans.

2. Skillset: Having the right technical skills and knowledge is essential for any leader. This is especially true in dynamic and fast-paced environments where the ability to think on their feet and make decisions quickly is critical.

3. Leadership style: Great leaders have an ability to engage, motivate and inspire their team. They foster a culture of trust and cooperation, while also knowing when to delegate responsibility and hold people accountable.

4. Emotional intelligence: Empathy and understanding are essential qualities for any leader. Being able to read people’s emotions, build meaningful relationships and manage difficult conversations in a professional manner is essential.

5. Integrity: A great leader should demonstrate strong moral and ethical behaviour. This includes maintaining honesty and transparency, being humble, and setting a good example for the team to follow.

When looking for a leader, it’s important to assess a person’s ability in each of these areas. A great leader will possess all of these qualities and be able to set an example for the organization to follow. By focusing on these aspects, you can be sure to recruit the right person to help your organization reach its long-term objectives.

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