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Owning and operating a restaurant demands hard work and long hours. Let us save you time and reduce your stress to ensure your restaurant operates in the most optimal way possible, even in your absence.

Audit & Operations

Simplifying and organizing the chaos.

An efficient and well systemized restaurant operation is important to for a 5-Star customer experience so it should be important to you too. Let us build on your existing operations strategy and workflow.

We will plan your daily prep and cook to ensure customers receive consistent and quality orders. We gain a profound understanding of your inventory and its lifecycle and build a procurement schedule to ensure you never run out of quality product. The daily and deep cleaning is planned out to ensure an equal volume of cleaning on your slower days and lesser cleaning on the busier days.

Keeping tabs on the quality of the dishes prepared while maintaining a low ticketing time is key to customer satisfaction. Allow us to optimize your processes, enhance the customer experience and increase repeat business.

Become an Absent Owner

Enjoy freedom with piece of mind that your business is okay without you.

One of the main perks of being self-employed is to enjoy flexibility and freedom. Do what you want, when you want. Let us structure your restaurant in a way that allows you to step away and become either a semi-absent or absent owner.

With the right manager, strategic planning and training it is possible to spend less time working in your business so you can focus on other businesses, an expansion or spend more time with family and friends. We will help you uphold standards while managing more tasks remotely, or training and delegating to your restaurant's manager.

Marketing & Advertising

Customers will love your food, but only if they know about you.

If you're not marketing your business, you may not be moving forward. Did you know that the majority of your customers will try your restaurant through a word-of-mouth referral? Let us devise a plan to develop your recurring customer base. We track the results from each marketing channel and analyze the data to understand where the best value lies for your marketing dollars. Understand the actual costs to generate new customers.


Restaurants are going digital. Are you?

The world is going digital faster than ever. From take-out pizza parlours to full-serve restaurants, everybody has their menu online for customers to order from. Let us get your menu online for customers to order and pay. All your team needs to do is listen for the chime on the tablet we set up for you and prepare the order. Waiting customers will receive an automatic notification when their order is ready for pick-up. Reduce the volume of patrons inside your business and remain covid compliant without sacrificing sales.

Brand Management


Attract new customers instead of alienating them.

A great deal of thought goes into cultivating a new brand. We know restaurants. We can create a new or re-brand that will resonate with your target market and attract new customers. We will create a brand that stands out from the competition within your market. Attract customers to your store-front with branding that will get you noticed. We manage your online presence in a way such that customers will opt for your place over others.



Engage new-hires with a seamless training strategy.

Developing and using a training manual will save you from spending on additional staff while you train new-hires. New-hires should be fully trained within 8-10 shifts. Without a training plan you can easily spend 2x your training budget. We observe and analyze your restaurant's operation and compile a training guide for you and your management team to use. A training manual creates consistency in food prep, consistency in the quality/quantity of the dishes, and empowers new-hires to learn and perform well in their role. Increase employee satisfaction and reduce attrition.

Operations Checklists

Never miss a thing even with so many moving parts.

Restaurants have many moving parts. Checklists are the cornerstone of your operation. Let us create inventory lists, prep/cook volume lists, daily and deep-cleaning checklists, manager tasks, finance checklists, scheduling checklists and more. Our restaurant knowledge will save you time and money. We observe and analyze your operation, build the necessary lists and show you how to use them while we make final adjustments so no item is missed or not dealt with.

Profit & Loss


Increase sales, reduce costs. Period.

There are two reasons people own restaurants. To feed others which is a privilege, and to turn a profit. Let us go through the numbers with you and identify opportunities to boost sales and control costs. We will analyze labour costs to understand what equipment will save you money over the long-run. Managing your payroll costs are crucial. We will analyze your reports and provide you with a schedule template so you can schedule according to the work tasks that need to be completed and when they should be scheduled so you can stay on budget and utilize 100% of your team's time. Avoid having to say "time to lean, time to clean". A well-planned restaurant schedules all of the work tasks such that there is no "time to lean".

Build/Buy/Sell a Restaurant

Enjoy the process. It's a big step forward and should be celebrated.

There are lots of restaurants for sale on the market at any given time.

We know a thing or two about building a new restaurant. Let us manage the process for you and provide to you a turn-key restaurant, equipped and ready to go. Need bank financing? We can help with that too.

While some like the challenge and want to build something unique, some prefer to buy a restaurant that already has all of the systems and processes in place, with an established customer base. We can guide you through the due diligence phase of the purchasing process to ensure you are buying exactly what has been described to you.

Looking for a change or want to move on to another business project? We can prepare your restaurant to make it ready to be listed for sale and drive the sales process forward to a signed purchase agreement and have our lawyers and accountants close on the sale for you.




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